Aaron and Dawn
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." Song of Songs 2:16

Said "I Do" on August 21st 2021

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There is little more beautiful than the coming together of two people who absolutely love one another in marriage.  This is such a special time, and it's made even more special when these people are surrounded and supported by love.  Dawn and Aaron are truly a couple who are supported and surrounded by a group of friends and loved ones who are dedicated to them as a couple.  Weddings can be difficult, and this one definitely had its challenges, including the incredible loss of Aaron's mother prior to the wedding, and yet, these two managed to create a day that honored them as a couple, her memory and the whole idea of "family" in general.  

Jewish ceremonies are such beautiful things - the traditions are some of the most significant and memorable of all weddings.  Dawn and Aaron brought together all of the many facets of the Jewish tradition and still managed to make their day unique and "their own".  From their FABULOUS 70's theme to the incredible backgrop of the iconic Madonna Inn's Secret Garden, this was a photographers dream!  The day went by quickly, but the memories will last forever.  Congratulations Dawn and Aaron, may your lives be blessed with prosperity, love and the wealth of family forever (and congratulations on the impending arrival of your little one!).  


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